About Us

Nigerians in diaspora organization-indiana

Nigeria as a country is considered to be the giant of Africa based on the potentials though undertilized, consequently the country has a huge diaspora presence around the world. This let to the movement called Nigerians in Diaspora organisation formed around the turn of century. The impact of NIDO can be felt through each of its branches in every continent.

NIDO-Indiana is the state arm of the national NIDO USA and continental NIDO Americas  formed to act as a conduit in which nigerians in the state of Indiana would effect changes in our country. The aim of the movement is to engage both Hoosier and Nigerian societies through a collaborative effort or the members with the community. Our members are highly skilled individuals from all walks of life, and we are deeply rooted in the society

Our Mission

Our mission is to engage in projects that would engender development in our country Nigeria. Furthermore, we stand as a conduit in which technology, education, healthcare advancement can flow positively between the state of Indiana, whole USA and Nigeria, and also the whole of Africa, because we believe there is no boundary between Nigeria and other African countries.


In the process of making contribution to our country and also our continent of Africa, we have established a sister cities relationship between Indianapolis and Onitsha in Nigeria. We are also engaged in development projects, one of which is about on Green Energy Generation and Multi-Grid power technology to help address the problems of power in Nigeria. We also have projects around Healthcare, Information Technology, as well as having various education and social engagement programs in the works.

Our Focus

  • Partnership with Potential Problem  Solvers 
  • Collaboration with Local Nigerian-owned Establishments 
  • Mentorship for Young Entrepreneurs