2022 Passport Exercise

As part of our yearly-executed project to serve the diaspora community across the state of Indiana, the Nigerian Consulate in New York will be visiting Indiana in September 2022. To ensure smooth and fast process, every participant is required to fill the form below by following the instructions herewith.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  “NIDO-Indiana Passport Committee”July


    • All new applications or fresh renewals (a new passport will be re-issued) must register at the immigration website to receive a confirmation number to enter here for our records on this page at the link below:  https://portal.immigration.gov.ng
    • For the Passport type drop down box, select “STANDARD PASSPORT”, and click Start Application. – Fill in all the required information – Processing Country is “United States” – Processing Embassy is “New York” – Complete all processing forms according to instructions at the immigration website with all payments to get a confirmation number for self or family.
    • Outstanding passports from previous passport exercises will be re-processed or corrected at no additional costs to the applicants. Please get the outstanding confirmation number and enter on this page.
    • After payments and confirmation number is received please fill the form on this page on your left for NIDO Indiana records and our follow-up activities with the Nigerian Consulate in New York – You are required to fill all questions as applicable to you – in the “Passport Processing Status” section, please choose the option applicable to you – In the “Expired Passport Number” option, please provide old passport number.
Thank you.